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Why is Taurus so attracted to Leo?

October 28, 2021
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Why is Taurus so attracted to Leo?
Why is Taurus so attracted to Leo?

Why do Taurus fall for Leos?

Taurus is a sensual and physically attentive sign that will give Leo all the attention they desire and more. Leo aims to perform and please, and they won't shy away from the sensual and slow foreplay that Taurus craves. All good performances take time, and Leo will soak up the spotlight and adoration along the way.

Can a Leo and a Taurus be together?

Taurus and Leo are lovers of stability and the biggest luxury seekers. Both are fixed signs, and therefore, Taurus and Leo compatibility works best in the zodiac chart. They will never miss a chance to go on pleasure trips on the weekends and desire romantic dinners and passionate nights.

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