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Why do I keep getting the Nine of Swords?

November 2, 2021
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Why do I keep getting the Nine of Swords?
Why do I keep getting the Nine of Swords?

What does Nine of Swords represent?

This card can represent being plagued by fear, guilt, doubt, and worries that are to a large extent, unfounded. Chances are the person in question is dealing with a problematic situation or a difficult decision, but his or her worst fear is unlikely to materialize.

What does it mean if you get a lot of swords in Tarot?

A sense of powerlessness and apathy giving way to fear. If the other cards in the spread are favourable, then the Two of Swords can indicate lack of bias and even mindedness.

Why do I keep pulling the Two of Swords?

The takeaway. Pulling the Two of Swords tarot card is a call to go inward and listen to your own innate wisdom in order to make a decision. It's easy to get distracted or swayed by all that's happening around you externally, but when you can stay connected to your own truth, answers will come.

What does the Two of Swords mean in a love relationship?

If you pulled the Two of Swords upright in a reading about love or a particular relationship, Vanderveldt tells mbg it's a call to balance the inner and outer. "Perhaps it's time to consider someone else's point of view or look at a decision or issue in a relationship from a different perspective," she explains.

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