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Why are Virgos and Aquarius not compatible?

October 25, 2021
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Why are Virgos and Aquarius not compatible?
Why are Virgos and Aquarius not compatible?

Are Virgos and Aquarius soulmates?

They're pretty different—Virgo is a reserved, organized earth sign while Aquarius is an eccentric air sign that plays by their own rules. When they communicate what they have in common, they make a strong pair. These signs are independent and satisfied with the single life.

Can a Virgo date an Aquarius?

Aquarius & Virgo Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility This is in no way an easy sexual relationship and unless some strong support is provided by their natal charts, Virgo and Aquarius will rarely be attracted to each other enough to start a sexual relationship at all.

Can Aquarius date a Virgo?

Overall, Virgo and Aquarius make an OK match. As Garbis says, this is a “curious” couple. They may be different, but they'll enjoy doing a lot of things together. They love to explore, study, and talk about the world.

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