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Why are Sagittarius bad at relationships?

October 22, 2021
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Why are Sagittarius bad at relationships?
Why are Sagittarius bad at relationships?

Why are Sagittarius so bad at relationships?

They are blunt, impulsive and harsh. Sagittarians look for every opportunity to avoid relationships at all costs, mostly because they are very comfortable with short-term or casual relationships.

Are Sagittarius good in relationships?

In relationships, Sagittarius is optimistic, fun-loving, and spontaneous. They never take themselves too seriously and have a great sense of humor. If their partner is feeling down, Sagittarius will try everything to brighten their day. They are loving, loyal, and honest partners.

Why Sagittarius is a bad sign?

Sags are a bit reckless when it comes to dealing with certain things. They will often take decisions in an impulse and regret it later. Their carefree attitude towards life might sometimes lead them to act carelessly. A Saggitarian has a hard time admitting that He/She is wrong.

Are Sagittarius complainers?

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21) On the other hand, they say the first thing that comes to their mind, and that equals quite a few complaints.

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