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Why are October Scorpios the worst?

October 21, 2021
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Why are October Scorpios the worst?
Why are October Scorpios the worst?

Why do people not like October Scorpios?

Because of this intense desire to get what they want and maintain control, October Scorpios can sometimes get extra possessive and jealous when it comes to work or love. It can take more time for them to develop trust and let their guard down than November Scorpios.

Why are Scorpios the worst sign?

Scorpio represents the venomous creature that won't hesitate to sting someone if they feel like it. This sign is extremely evil, cunning and sly. They can create the most complex plans to destroy someone with extreme stealth.

What is a Scorpios worst trait?

Their ruthlessness is often accompanied by the urge to take revenge. A Scorpio will never let you get away with something. They will take revenge and will go to any extreme for it. So if you angered one, try and make-up before it is too late!

What is Scorpios worst match?

However, it's not always their spookiness that makes them hard to get along with. It's oftentimes the most powerful people that are doomed to antagonize each other, and these zodiac signs are the worst matches for Scorpio: Gemini, Leo, and Libra.

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