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Why are Leos attracted to cancers?

October 29, 2021
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Why are Leos attracted to cancers?
Why are Leos attracted to cancers?

Are Leo and Cancer a good match?

Sex Between Leo and Cancer Sex between a Leo and Cancer can be a great match. Leo's domineering attitude works out in the bedroom, as Cancer oftentimes won't mind taking a more passive role. Both of these zodiac signs lead with their hearts, so their passionate encounters may also lead to a little lovemaking.

Are Leo and Cancer soulmates?

Leo likes romantic gestures, and Cancer knows how and when to show sincere affection. They both like to kiss and cuddle, and they don't mind showing the world their good times. Holidays will be huge for this pair, each trying to outdo the other to make it the best ever.

How do cancers view Leos?

Cancer-Leo is a unique pairing because those zodiac signs are ruled by the “luminaries”, which are two of the most important “planets” in astrology: the Sun and the Moon. According to Ribas, the light and energy between Cancer and Leo is mirrored by each other. “This can be wonderful, but blinding,” she says.

Are cancers stronger than Leos?

Leo is also a fire sign that loves being right, and they can easily ignore the emotional outbursts of a Cancer. Leo is definitely the ultimate winner in an argument against Cancer, as their sun-like nature just shines too bright.

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