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Why are Geminis so attracted to Libras?

September 13, 2021
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Why are Geminis so attracted to Libras?
Why are Geminis so attracted to Libras?

What do Geminis love about Libras?

Libra has a natural elegance, charm and intellect that triggers Gemini's curiosity and Libra will appreciate Gemini's positivity and social skills, which perfectly match theirs. The attraction is high between these two signs, and it won't be long before they decide to take their relationship to the next level.

Are Libras and Geminis good together?

Gemini & Libra Values They are both Air signs and give a lot of attention to their partner's mental personality and the way they think. They could find a way to tease each other with words, seduce each other and in the end find a way to communicate everything else – in case they both care enough.

How do you excite a Gemini?

Remain open and communicative, yet complex; Gemini loves a good human puzzle, so don't make it too easy—but don't make it too hard, either! These signs will be the first to dip if they feel you're trying to out-manipulate them with head games (you won't win. Ever.).

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