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Who are Virgos bestfriend?

September 6, 2021
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Who are Virgos bestfriend?
Who are Virgos bestfriend?

Who is a Virgos enemy?

According to astrology, Virgo should avoid Aquarius at all costs. Virgo is known for their planning skills and patience.

Are Virgos classy?

Virgos are very fussy which measures their parameter of sophistication. As they are very picky, they tend to not be classy sometimes.

How does Virgo dress?

Virgos are "Earth" signs and that means you're grounded, reliable, and more conservative than not. Virgos prefer to dress in Earth toned colors (shocker), and Virgos also favor looking feminine, tailored, and overall smartly polished. They don't fall into the latest flashy trends and they don't over accessorize.

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