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Which Major Arcana is Pisces?

November 17, 2021
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Which Major Arcana is Pisces?
Which Major Arcana is Pisces?

Why is Pisces Tarot card the moon?

As the dreamiest sign of the zodiac, your card is the Moon, Pisces. This card is associated with intuition and creativity. The water in the image is your subconscious mind.

What zodiac signs are fools?

Sun Sign Tarot Card
Venus 3 Empress
Mars 16 Tower
Uranus 0 Fool
Saturn 21 World

How is the Moon affecting Pisces?

With the moon in Pisces, individuals are very sensitive, and they often lose themselves in the problems and feelings of others, towards whom they are extremely receptive. They are imaginative beings, and may seem to get lost in their own fantasy world at times.

Who is Pisces moon intuitive?

In addition to being natural empaths, people with a Pisces moon have highly developed intuitive abilities. They easily see the meaning behind the body language and word choices of others, and keeping things a secret from them is practically impossible (it's lucky for the rest of us that they are so compassionate)!

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