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Which house is responsible for health?

October 8, 2021
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Which house is responsible for health?
Which house is responsible for health?

What house relates to health?

The sixth house of a natal chart is generally ruled by the Virgo zodiac sign and planet Mercury. The aspects of life that the sixth house alludes to involve one's work, wellbeing, individual cleanliness, daily schedules, and duties.

How can astrology improve health?

Drink water in silver glass. If Jupiter is weak in your horoscope, you might face problems related to liver, jaundice, obesity, cancer and diabetes….While facing such problems, do the flowing.

  1. Wash new clothes before wearing them.
  2. Donate rice and milk at temples.
  3. Never go for meat and alcohol.
  4. Feed cows before you eat.

Nov 9, 2016

How do you know if Shani Dev is angry at you?

If you see a peepal tree growing near your house, and it grows back again even if you uproot it, then it is an indication that Shani Dev is unhappy and is disappointed with you.

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