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Where do Geminis like to be touched in bed?

October 29, 2021
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Where do Geminis like to be touched in bed?
Where do Geminis like to be touched in bed?

What body part is Gemini attracted to?

Gemini: throat, lungs, breath Gemini is known for a certain star quality, so it makes sense that the sign rules the throat, lungs, and breath. Healthy lungs come in handy for belting out those high notes during karaoke night, after all. But, when you're not feeling 100 percent on your game, Gemini?

How do you turn on a Gemini in bed?

To be turned on, he needs a partner who can hold up her end in conversation. She must have something to say, possess interests, and bring humor of her own to the dynamic. Being able to enjoy a good discussion is just too important for this man. Heavy sexual inhibitions.

What are Geminis the best at in bed?

Gemini's lovemaking is varied, energetic and creative. Be prepared for an enjoyable romp when you bed a Gemini. They're curious about all kinds of sexual expression, are usually game for anything and are willing to try out something new.

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