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What planet rules second house?

October 19, 2021
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What planet rules second house?
What planet rules second house?

What does the second house in astrology rule?

The Second House is related to our personal finances, material possessions, and the concept of value. While it does rule money, it also covers our emotions, which live inside of us (and often affect us even more than money does). Natal planets in the Second House tend to seek security through their material world.

Is Jupiter weak in 2nd house?

You will have a natural talent to earn money and invest in the right ways to multiply your wealth. A weak Jupiter in this position means you shall be inclined towards material, hedonistic and physical pursuits. Jupiter in the second house says you are a highly influential social character.

What does Saturn in 2nd house mean?

Saturn in your second house indicates that you shall be anxious over your financial responsibilities and obligations all through your life. As far as developing your material resources are concerned, you shall always find life very tough. You will find long delays in your investments bearing fruits.

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