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What planet belongs to Gemini?

October 14, 2021
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What planet belongs to Gemini?
What planet belongs to Gemini?

What planets is Gemini?

Gemini Ruling Planet: Mercury Gemini is a chatty, social, and intellectual sign — so it makes sense that its ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication and thinking.

Is Mercury ruled by Gemini?

All About Mercury, Gemini's Ruling Planet In Roman mythology, Mercury was the god overseeing merchants and travelers, but he also ruled over swindlers and tricksters. Similarly, the planet Mercury represents communication, mindset, and travel — but it can also explain away some of Gemini's hallmark playful mischief.

What is Gemini birth planet?

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury.

Is Gemini ruled by Mars?

Gemini's ruler is Mercury, and that's a clue to how you use words actively (with Mars). So check your Mercury sign — this is how you deliver the Mars impulse.

What is Moon Gemini?

Gemini Moon Personality Traits This means that you process emotions through an intellectual lens: You need to talk and sometimes even write about your feelings. Words and communication, in general, are one of your superpowers. You were born to feel your way around this world through mental interactions.

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