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What is the scariest thing about a Pisces?

September 9, 2021
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What is the scariest thing about a Pisces?
What is the scariest thing about a Pisces?

What is the creepiest thing about Pisces?

Because Pisces feel things so deeply, they can sometimes develop a superhero complex. Basically the Pisces wants to stop anyone from ever feeling an ounce of pain. "The Pisces sun can have a precarious effect on emotional well-being.

Is Pisces a scary sign?

Creepy Facts About Pisces: Pisces are scary in their negative thinking.

What if you hurt a Pisces?

Pisces often become passive-aggressive when they get their feelings hurt. Once you have hurt a Pisces, you will immediately feel an overwhelming sense of passive-aggressiveness. They will not respond to any of your calls or texts, and they won't be their cheerful self if you are at the same event.

Where do Pisces go after death?

Don't let this get you down: death does not signal finality and endings, but rather change, transformation, and transcendence. Pisces has one foot in the afterlife, and it's magical there.

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