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What is October 18th birthstone?

October 15, 2021
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What is October 18th birthstone?
What is October 18th birthstone?

What is the real birthstone for October?

October Birthstones: Opal & Tourmaline | October Birthstone Colors.

What Colour is Libra?

Libra's colors are pink and blue, which help open the heart and soften one's presence. These pastel hues bring a calming and likable presence to Libra's personality, symbolizing a cool, calming breeze. Light blue increases clarity and balance while pink evokes Libra's sweet and loving nature.

Why does October have two birth stones?

In October's case, the opal was seen by many to be too feminine in appearance and there were questions about its durability. So the association decided to add tourmaline to the mix. More recently, it was decided that the October birthstones would be opal and pink tourmaline, specifically.

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