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What is Mercury in Gemini?

October 14, 2021
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What is Mercury in Gemini?
What is Mercury in Gemini?

What house is Mercury in Gemini?

the 3rd house
All about Mercury in Gemini or in the 3rd house Mercury is the ruler of information, communication and our intellectual processes.

Is Mercury in Gemini smart?

A Mercury in Gemini makes them witty, brainy, intellectual, wise, smart, and most importantly, ready to adopt changes throughout their life. Mercury in Gemini is magical.

Why is Gemini ruled by Mercury?

Ruling Planet: Mercury Witty and versatile Mercury, the planet of communication, brings Geminis their ability to open their minds and absorb and process information more quickly than any other zodiac sign. This infuses them with their curious, inquisitive and intellectual nature.

How do you attract a Gemini Mercury?

Mercury in Gemini loves to tap into the minds of others, and exchange what each knows through conversation. This makes them happiest in verbal, fast-paced environments, with a passing parade of new people to learn from. Good fields for them are education, media, technology, the arts and any kind of sales.

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