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What is Mars in Aquarius like?

February 16, 2022
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What is Mars in Aquarius like?
What is Mars in Aquarius like?

Is Mars in Aquarius good?

People with Mars in Aquarius focus more on the intellectual side of life. Their organization ability is quite strong and they tend to be calculative and logical in their approach. These natives can be good leaders, because they think for the masses.

What does Aquarius Mars represent?

If you were born with Mars in the futuristic fixed air sign Aquarius, you're motivated by humanitarian, progressive, individualistic, and community-oriented causes and endeavors.

What are Mars in Aquarius like in bed?

Venus or Mars in Aquarius: These water-bearers have a very take-it-or-leave-it attitude when it comes to sex. Aquarius lovers are not known for being warm and open, although they're very enthusiastic about trying new things. In bed, they usually come off as effortlessly cool and experienced.

What are Venus in Aquarius attracted to?

Venus in Aquarius wants a partner who isn't threatened by his independent nature, so he'll love the fact that he can be around you without feeling guilted or pressured into more commitment than he's ready for. Let him go off on his own or have some space to think if he asks for it.

How do you please Aquarius Venus?

Venus in Aquarius gravitates towards originality. Show him that you're proud of who you are, and a Venus in Aquarius won't be able to get enough of you. Don't sweat about having too little in common. This guy wants to stand out from the crowd, so he doesn't need you to be unconventional in the same ways he is.

How long is Mars 2022 Aquarius?

Mars is all set to transit in the sign of Aquarius on April 7, 2022, at 14:24. The red planet will remain here till May 17. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Mars shares a neutral relationship with the dark planet.

What do Aquarius Venus find attractive?

You're attracted to those that are quirky individuals in their own right. Above all, you're looking for an intellectual rapport, someone you can take journeys of the mind with. The background is not important, and you may end up with someone from a very different culture.