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What is June 12th famous for?

November 22, 2021
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What is June 12th famous for?
What is June 12th famous for?

What is special about the 12th of June?

Each year, National Loving Day on June 12th commemorates the anniversary of the 1967 United States Supreme Court decision Loving vs. Virginia. This decision struck down all anti-miscegenation laws remaining in sixteen U.S. states.

Is observed on 12th June?

12 June marks the World Day Against Child Labour under the theme “Universal Social Protection to End Child Labour.”

What happened on June 12th 2012?

Arab Spring: Bahraini uprising: The 11-year-old child imprisoned by the regime speaks of being chased down while playing in the street. (Al Jazeera) In the wake of serious rioting, Tunisia declares an overnight curfew for eight regions, including the capital Tunis.

What happened on June 12th 1972?

June 12, 1972 (Monday) In a similar accident in 1974 on Turkish Airlines Flight 981, all 346 people on board were killed after the cargo door fell off.

What celebrity has a birthday on June 12?

NEW! Birthday wishes go out to Adriana Lima, Timothy Busfield and all the other celebrities with birthdays today.

What important event happened in 1972?

Watergate scandal: U.S. President Richard Nixon and White House chief of staff H. R.

What happened on this day in 1972?

Nixon Meets Mao Feb 22 The Official IRA bombs Aldershot military barracks, the headquarters of the British Parachute Regiment, killing seven people; thought to be in retaliation for Bloody Sunday.

What was the number one song in 1972?

Don McLean scored a #1 hit with "American Pie" in 1972. Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" reached the top spot for six weeks and became the #1 song at year's end.

What food came out in 1972?

1972: McDonald's Egg McMuffin To entice breakfast customers, owner Herb Peterson layered Canadian bacon, eggs and cheese on an English muffin.

Who was the most popular singer in 1972?

Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1972

No. Title Artist(s)
1 "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" Roberta Flack
2 "Alone Again (Naturally)" Gilbert O'Sullivan
3 "American Pie" Don McLean
4 "Without You" Harry Nilsson

What was the top selling song of the 1970s decade?

Best-selling singles

No. Title Artist
1 "Mull of Kintyre"/"Girls' School" Wings
2 "Rivers of Babylon"/"Brown Girl in the Ring" Boney M.
3 "You're the One That I Want" John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
4 "Mary's Boy Child" Boney M.

What candy was popular in 1972?

Bottle Caps candy is made to resemble your favourite fizzy soda drink. Bottle Caps come in a roll of exceptional flavours. There are Cherry, Root Beer, Cola and Grape flavours. Upon their arrival to the candy world in 1972, they were a hit with consumers.

When were Lunchables invented?

Few like Spiller may own up to it, but he's one of many time-pressed parents looking for an easy out. Just look at the numbers: Oscar Mayer, maker of Lunchables, has sold 1.6 billion of the open-and-eat boxes since they were introduced in 1988.

What 1970’s toy had a boys name?

Buckaroo! The original version was released in 1970 by Ideal Toy Company, however the Buckaroo!

What is the number one selling toy of all time?

The 10 Best Selling Toys of All-Time

  • Barbie: Over 3 Billion in Sales.
  • Lego: Over 320 Billion Blocks Made.
  • Hot Wheels: Over 4 Billion Units Sold.
  • Rubik's Cube: Over 350 Million Units Sold.
  • Cabbage Patch Kids: Over $6 Billion in Sales.
  • G.I.
  • Silly Putty: Over 300 Million Units Sold.
  • Monopoly – 275 Million Copies Sold.

How many years ago was 1977?

40 Years Ago: A Look Back at 1977 – The Atlantic.

What was the number one song in 1970?

Bridge Over Troubled Water
Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1970

No. Title Artist(s)
1 "Bridge Over Troubled Water" Simon & Garfunkel
2 "(They Long to Be) Close to You" The Carpenters
3 "American Woman" The Guess Who
4 "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head" B.J. Thomas

What was the number one song in 1971?

Joy to the World
Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1971

No. Title Artist(s)
1 "Joy to the World" Three Dog Night
2 "Maggie May"/"Reason to Believe" Rod Stewart
3 "It's Too Late"/"I Feel the Earth Move" Carole King
4 "One Bad Apple" The Osmonds

Who was the #1 pop artist of the 70s?

Number ones Rod Stewart remained at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 17 weeks during the 1970s. Elton John was the artist with second-longest most cumulative number-one hits on the Hot 100 chart during the 1970s (6 songs).

Who was the most popular singer in the 70’s?

Top 100 Artists Of The 70s

  1. Stevie Wonder. Genres: Soul, pop R&B, funk, jazz.
  2. Led Zeppelin. Genres: Hard rock, blues rock, folk rock, heavy metal.
  3. Elton John. Genres: Rock, pop rock, glam rock, soft rock, rhythm and blues.
  4. Pink Floyd.
  5. The Rolling Stones.
  6. Eagles.
  7. Marvin Gaye.
  8. Queen.

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