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What is giraffe in ASL?

July 25, 2022
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What is giraffe in ASL?
What is giraffe in ASL?

What is Zebra in ASL?

To sign zebra, take your strong hand and extend and separate your fingers. Starting with your hand on the opposite side of your body with palm facing you, form a claw shape, and drag the hand across your body. It is like you are painting zebra stripes with your fingers.

What is Hippo in ASL?

To sign hippo, extend your pointer and pinkie fingers on both hands, and open and close them, having both hands meet in the middle, like a hippo's mouth. Another ASL sign for hippo is similar except it uses the thumbs instead of the pointer fingers, along with the pinkies, of both hands.

What’s the sign for panda?

To sign panda, we make the sign for bear, then we encircle both eyes with our pointer fingers simultaneously, as if to highlight the round, black fur around a panda's eyes.

What is the sign for penguin?

To sign penguin, position your flat, open hands on either side of your hips, with palms facing down and angled relative to the wrists and the forearms. Move both hands up and down while still flat and facing the ground, as if you are waddling like a penguin.

What is the sign for whale?

With your dominant hand hold the middle three fingers of your strong hand out (making the ASL sign for 'W'), and move the 'W' over and under the water, as if it were a whale bobbing in and out of the water.

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