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What if Rahu is in 10th house?

October 18, 2021
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What if Rahu is in 10th house?
What if Rahu is in 10th house?

What happens if Rahu as 10th house?

Like, in our example, Rahu in 10th house will give an illusion around Career and Father, but Rahu aspects 2nd house of Wealth & Family and 6th house of Daily Work Life and Obstacles. So, responsibilities of Wealth and Family will shatter his illusion and bring Wisdom regarding his Father.

Which planet is good for Rahu?

It has friendly ties with planets like Venus, Mercury, and Saturn. The Moon and Sun are the enemy planets in which it is more averse to the Sun.

Can Rahu give fame?

The planets that can give massive fame in Vedic Astrology are Sun, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn and Rahu. The Sun is the strongest and most powerful planet that can give massive fame to a person. The main reason being, Sun gains natural strength in the 10th house.

Is Rahu friend of Saturn?

Rahu Planet Mercury, Saturn and Ketu are friendly planets for Rahu. Sun, Venus and Mars are enemy planets for Rahu. Jupiter and Moon are even with Rahu.

How can I know my death in Kundli?

Strong Sun placed in the third house from ascendant causes death by punishment from the king or government. Moon situated in the third house will cause death due to consumption. Mercury in the third house will cause death due to fever. Mars in the third house will cause ulcers, injury from fire or weapon.

Is Sunapha yoga rare?

Accumulating wealth & riches is impossible without this Yoga in a horoscope. Despite the simplicity of this yoga, it is a very rare & extremely effective planetary configuration for success in life.

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