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What are March Aries like?

September 10, 2021
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What are March Aries like?
What are March Aries like?

How do March Aries act?

March Aries are first decan Aries, meaning they're solely ruled by ambitious planet Mars — an influence that exacerbates their feisty competitive streaks. While all Aries love a good challenge and are fueled by the thrill of winning, March Aries are likely to be even more zealous and assertive about taking the crown.

What does March look like for Aries?

Get excited, darling, because Aries season begins on Sunday, March 20. This date also marks the first day of Spring and the Astrological New Year. As you may already know, Aries, you are the first sign of the zodiac, which explains why you like to get your way (and usually do). Please celebrate your birthday.

Are March Aries loyal?

Aries are loyal. However, they can be very set in their opinions.

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