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What are Leos known for in bed?

October 22, 2021
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What are Leos known for in bed?
What are Leos known for in bed?

What’s a Leos kink?

Leo. We all know that Leos love theatrics, which is why the lion will go all out in setting the stage and ambiance for their romantic encounters with luminous candles, red satin sheets, and fancy lace or silky underwear. This means splurging on whips, paddles, and handcuffs for their naughty partner.

What are turn ons for Leos?

Leo turn-ons: playful teasing, confidence and a flirty attitude. The Leo personality often find themselves irresistibly drawn to those that have a fun and outgoing attitude. Show them that you know how to let your hair down and have a good time and they'll be unable to resist your allure.

What does a Leo man like in bed?

They love to lead and often come across as selfish and arrogant but that is what adds spice to their sexual life. Their hotness and fire in bed are what drives their partner crazy."

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