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What are Aries good and bad traits?

September 2, 2021
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What are Aries good and bad traits?
What are Aries good and bad traits?

What is the toxic trait of Aries?

Passionate and direct, the very things that make Aries an exciting person to be around also make them a source of anxiety for others or worse, a full blown emotional terrorist.

Can Aries be rude?

This zodiac sign has absolutely no filter. They are blunt and straightforward to a fault. Aries is probably the most rude zodiac sign you will ever have the misfortune of encountering. They say it like it is even when they are fully aware that what they are about to say could really hurt the sentiments of someone.

Do Aries trust easily?

Aries. All Aries will indeed agree with us. It is not easy for them to trust easily. They will keep testing you and your patience.

Do Aries have anxiety?

Aries is also one of those zodiac signs who suffers from anxiety. Be it about things at work or in personal life, Aries is prone to take things to their heart and keep thinking about them.

What mental illness does Aries have?

02/13Aries People belonging to this zodiac sign may have sudden bouts of anger and explosive aggression, which may prove disadvantageous for them. Such behaviour can be characteristic of Intermittent Explosive Disorder, where a person has terrifying bursts of anger and aggression, often leading to worst scenarios.

What is an Aries mental age?

Their mental age is like one of a 1-7-year-old kid. Aries is actually like the kids in the zodiac. They are excited about everything as if they are doing it for the first time.

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