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Is September 28 a Leo?

October 21, 2021
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Is September 28 a Leo?
Is September 28 a Leo?

What is September 28th sign?

Libra: (September 23- October 22) You are being reminded of your own individual importance.

Is Libra and Leo a good match?

Despite the potential issues, Leo and Libra are a highly compatible zodiac match. They understand each other well, they have a lot of shared values, and they balance each other out. This is one zodiac couple that really has what it takes to last.

Who is the most famous person born on September 28?

Birth Month Day of 09-28 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

  1. Naomi Watts. Actress | Mulholland Dr.
  2. Mira Sorvino. Actress | Mighty Aphrodite.
  3. Sarah Wright. Actress | American Made.
  4. Juancho Hernangomez. Actor | Hustle.
  5. Momona Tamada. Actress | The Baby-Sitters Club.
  6. Hilary Duff.
  7. Janeane Garofalo.
  8. Jeffrey Jones.

Is September 28 a special day?


Who is born Sept 28?

More celebrities with birthdays today Actor Brigitte Bardot is 87. Actor Joel Higgins (“Silver Spoons”) is 78. Actor Jeffrey Jones is 75. Actor Vernee Watson (“Bob Hearts Abishola,” “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) is 72.

Who all are born on 28 September?

28. Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Hilary Duff, Jerrika Hinton, Naomi Watts, Phoebe Robinson, Vernee Watson, Young Jeezy and more.

What does it mean to be born on September 28?

They have an effusive, natural charm they often use to achieve their aims. Artistic and sometimes eccentric, they communicate fluently through "body language." September 28 people are personality-heavy and may be considered insincere or frivolous by others jealous of their appeal.

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