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Is Libra rising bad?

October 22, 2021
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Is Libra rising bad?
Is Libra rising bad?

Why are Libra risings so bad?

You're sensitive to chaos and disruption, which is why you're choosy about companions. You'll slip away from a bad scene gracefully by keeping things light from the outset. Your Libra love traits might propel you into love, and you might lose and find yourself through heartbreaking times.

What does it mean if your rising sign is Libra?

Born with Libra on your Ascendant, you have an innate understanding of symmetry, proportion and balance. You may be known for your style or pleasing appearance. You are likely to come across to others as gracious and refined. Peace and harmony are important for you.

Do people like Libra risings?

At their highest vibration, they can be absolutely intoxicating—addicting, even. The Venusian influence makes it difficult not to want to be around them. Libra Risings know how to be the life of the party without even trying. They're so calm, cool, and collected that everyone just wants to be around them.

Are Libra risings intelligent?

Libra rising signs are knowledgeable, intelligent, well-mannered and restless. People love Libran's gentle and affectionate nature. They have a great sense of justice and order. These natives are the natural peacemakers in their social circles.

Who does Libra rising attract?

8. Who is compatible with Libra rising? Libra ascendants are most compatible with Gemini ascendants and Leo ascendants. They can also marry Sagittarius zodiac signs and Aquarius zodiac signs.

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