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Is Jupiter bad for Virgo ascendant?

October 21, 2021
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Is Jupiter bad for Virgo ascendant?
Is Jupiter bad for Virgo ascendant?

Is Jupiter malefic for Virgo ascendant?

As the ruler of the 8th House, Mars becomes a badhak planet: badhak planet is the one that creates hurdles and obstacles. Jupiter occupies the position of the Lord of two Kendra houses, 4th and 7th houses, for Virgo ascendants. It creates the Kendradhipati dosha. Wherefore, Jupiter is malefic for Virgo ascendants.

Is Jupiter good for Virgo?

JUPITER IN VIRGO People with this placement are often very focused on service to others and will find great success when doing so. They have a natural edge in business and management. Being realistic and grounded will allow them to see great profit and fortune over time.

What is Jupiter in Virgo like?

Those born with their Jupiter in Virgo may be known as the nurturing caregiver of the group. You're a busy bee who finds genuine joy in taking care of others. While many of your loved ones appreciate your helpful hand, it's not just a favor to them — it's also a gift for yourself!

Why is Jupiter in detriment in Virgo?

Expansion and Contraction Jupiter is considered to be in its detriment in Virgo, meaning that it is difficult for Jupiter to perform its core actions while placed there. This is due to the difficult-to-resolve contradictions between the planetary will of Jupiter and the mode of manifestation that Virgo represents.

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