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Is chemo really worth?

October 13, 2021
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Is chemo really worth?
Is chemo really worth?

Does chemo really save lives?

Chemotherapy is still a mainstay of most cancer treatment. It's saved millions of lives and for most cancer patients, it's still the best option.

What is the actual success rate of chemotherapy?

Most people with this type receive chemotherapy. Approximately 83% of lung cancers are N-SC. The remaining 3% are undefined….Lung cancer.

N-SC lung cancer stage
Surgery plus chemo and/or radiotherapy 16% 7%
Chemo alone 1% 18%
Chemo plus radiotherapy without surgery 6% 35%
Total 24% 60%

•Aug 13, 2562 BE

How long can chemo extend life?

First-line chemotherapy for patients with non–small cell lung cancer improves survival by 2 to 3 months, relieves symptoms, and improves quality of life compared with best supportive care.

What happens if you don’t want chemo?

Can you refuse chemotherapy? Yes. Your doctor presents what he or she feels are the most appropriate treatment options for your specific cancer type and stage while also considering your overall health, but you have the right to make final decisions regarding your care.

When is chemo not an option?

Your oncologist may recommend avoiding chemotherapy if your body is not healthy enough to withstand chemotherapy or if there is a more effective treatment available.

How long can you live without chemo?

The pooled mean survival for patients without anticancer treatment in cohort studies was 11.94 months (95% CI: 10.07 to 13.8) and 5.03 months (95% CI: 4.17 to 5.89) in RCTs.

Are oncologists honest?

Abstract. Background: Oncologists often do not give honest prognostic and treatment-effect information to patients with advanced disease.

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