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Is Aquarius bad in bed?

October 8, 2021
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Is Aquarius bad in bed?
Is Aquarius bad in bed?

How dirty minded is an Aquarius?

Aquarius This zodiac sign avoids discussing their emotions, sentiments, and sexual desires. As a result, they rarely express their fantasies, which makes dirty talking tedious and hard for them.

What bad things do Aquarius do?

Aquarius don't know how to find something good in a situation and will cling to all the negative things that may or may not happen. They tend to have a pessimistic attitude towards life and are usually anxious about 'What if' something goes wrong.

How good are Aquarius in bed?

Although they might appear cool and nonplussed in bed, Aquarians are generally adept lovers and are extremely open-minded. They hold their passion deep inside and try their best to contain their excitement, which they fear makes them appear vulnerable. Being sexual, in their eyes, is akin to losing control.

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