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How do cancers feel loved?

November 16, 2021
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How do cancers feel loved?
How do cancers feel loved?

How do cancers like to be loved?

Cancers are also traditional when it comes to dating, and they may like to be pursued so that they know that the other person likes them first. Once they're more serious about someone though, they love having cosy movie nights at home and engaging in intimate conversations.

What do cancers do when they like someone?

When a Cancer likes someone, they'll be shy about making an approach. "When they're crushing on you, they'll keep you in their space, and if you make eye contact, they will blush and look away," she says. "They rarely ever will come out and tell you they like you.

How do cancers get over heartbreak?

They take a lot of time to get over it but when they do, they do it gracefully. Instead of expressing anger and hate, Cancerians can resort to more poetic ways of dealing with a separation. They either talk to their friends about it or write it down to make themselves feel lighter and calmer.

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