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Does 2nd house affect appearance?

October 12, 2021
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Does 2nd house affect appearance?
Does 2nd house affect appearance?

Which house is responsible for appearance?

The primary house of the horoscope represents a person's physical presence. It includes, physique, skin complexion, appearance, height, will power, fame, beauty, body frame, nature, early life, childhood, health and one's attitude towards different aspects of life.

Which planets affect physical appearance?

There's various opinions on this topic, but most astrologers will agree that Venus conjuncting any personal planet (i.e. Sun, Moon, Mercury or Asc/MC) will magnify the beauty factor of a person. Whether it's conjunct, square, trine, opposite or sextile.

What does it mean to have no signs in 2nd house?

According to astrology, an empty house is a signifier of struggles. For instance, the 2nd house in astrology indicates wealth through inheritance. If the second house is empty, it means that the natives will struggle to earn money. Even if they inherit a property, they won't get any monetary gains out of it.

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