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Do Capricorns like grand gestures?

May 24, 2022
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Do Capricorns like grand gestures?
Do Capricorns like grand gestures?

Do Capricorns like romantic gestures?

Feed their fantasy. This can be an on-going project you do together," Joyce says. "Traditional and practical, Capricorn's romantic gestures will be as straightforward as roses and chocolate and if they're really into you they'll get you jewelry," Mckean says. "Aquarians love surprises and their friends.

What kinks do Capricorn have?

Capricorn. Being that the sea-goat works hard, they like to play hard too. Capricorn has an open mind and healthy approach to sex. They'll be drawn to acts of role-playing with a partner, sex in a public place, and kinks that include fetishes that they'll send their erragenous zones to tingles.

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