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Do Aries love their exes?

February 7, 2022
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Do Aries love their exes?
Do Aries love their exes?

Do Aries break hearts?

The emotional side of their relationship will be strong. However, Aries will grow bored with a Capricorn. Even though they'll probably be the one to end the relationship, their heart will still break. It will hurt them to leave because the relationship is mostly good.

Can Aries be quiet?

Aries would rather cut ties completely than deal with unnecessary drama. So when Aries does go silent, there's definitely something going on. “Aries is a known for being hotheaded, or an outward sign more prone to erupting with passion or other big emotions,” astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle.

Why do Aries ignore?

Aries are highly energetic people who thrive on excitement in life. They want the magic, the speed, the thrills to continue. However, if you're the one to put a stopper to the thrills of life or are boring for their standards, they will start ignoring you.

What happens if you ignore Aries?

Since an Aries man is addicted to having all the attention of his partner to himself, ignoring him may give him the idea that there's some other guy that has your attention. It torments him once he conceives this, and he cannot stand it due to his insecure nature.