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Do Aries and Scorpio go together?

October 27, 2021
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Do Aries and Scorpio go together?
Do Aries and Scorpio go together?

Is Aries Scorpio soulmate?

Scorpio and Aries may seem like unlikely bedfellows, but both signs are ruled by Mars, the planet of war, action, and desire. According to Monahan, Scorpio demands passion in all areas of their life, and this is something Aries thrives off.

Why do Scorpio and Aries fight?

Aries and Scorpio: Sexual Compatibility. Sex between an Aries and a Scorpio is explosive. The aggression both of these Mars signs feel follows them into the bedroom in the best way. They'll push each other to their limits and fight for dominance (Scorpio wants control and Aries wants to win).

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