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Can a Virgo wear blue sapphire?

October 21, 2021
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Can a Virgo wear blue sapphire?
Can a Virgo wear blue sapphire?

Is sapphire good for Virgo?

Since the ruling planet of Virgo zodiac sign is Mercury, the most suitable lucky gemstone for the Virgo natives is sapphire. This stone helps bring positive impact on the personality and life of the Virgo natives. The rays of this powerful gemstone help enhance the intelligence and wisdom of the Virgo natives.

Why is blue sapphire Virgo?

Although there are several gemstones which respond to Virgo star signs, the main Virgo birthstone is blue sapphire. Symbolizing longevity, innocence, and good health, sapphires represent many of the same qualities that Virgos are known for.

Is blue sapphire good for Virgo ascendant?

For Virgo sign, Saturn remains almost neutral and Virgo ascendants can wear blue sapphire if Saturn's position is in 1,2,5,9,10 and 11 th house. Blue sapphire is rarely conducive to Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Is Neelam good for Virgo?

Who should wear Neelam or Blue Sapphire? According to astrology, the people of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius can wear Sapphire. Saturn has a friendly attitude with the owners of these zodiac signs and that is why wearing sapphire gives auspicious results to these zodiac signs.

Which metal is good for Virgo?

Bronze | Gemini, Leo, Virgo Flexible, adaptable and bright are words that you will often hear for people with these zodiac signs. Bronze is the only metal that will do justice to personalities as bright as theirs!

What colour stone is Virgo?

THE VIRGO BIRTHSTONE COLOR SYMBOLIZES WISDOM AND FAITHFULNESS, AND SHARPENS THE MIND. Those born in September, or under the star sign of the virgin, have Sapphire as their birthstone color.

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