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Can a Gemini and Virgo make it?

September 3, 2021
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Can a Gemini and Virgo make it?
Can a Gemini and Virgo make it?

Do Gemini and Virgo make a good couple?

Gemini And Virgo's Intellectual Compatibility Intellectually, these two make the perfect match as they share quite a bit in common. They're both flexible, resilient, and need mental stimulation to stay hooked on someone.

Are Geminis and Virgos good in bed together?

Both signs are governed by fleet footed Mercury meaning they are nimble and athletic in the bedroom and agile enough to try a variety of unusual positions. Its a good thing they have a robust love life as with all those arguments there's bound to be lots of makeup sex as well.

What attracts Virgo to Gemini?

Virgos are also witty persons which is a plus point for being liked by Geminis. They create a good relationship with deep chemistry and enjoy intellectual conversations with each other. These two are opposite of each other. Virgos are compassionate and loyal partners and Pisceans are the daydreamers.

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