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Are Sagittarius and Cancer a good match?

September 2, 2021
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Are Sagittarius and Cancer a good match?
Are Sagittarius and Cancer a good match?

Can Cancer and Sagittarius marry?

A marriage between them is not likely either. Cancer is very possessive and clingy, while Sagittarius will only commit to a relationship if their partner gives them enough space. However, love has no guidelines, and if these two signs fall in love, they can form a relationship.

Why are cancers so attracted to Sagittarius?

With the zodiac sign Cancer, habitual love meets the freedom-loving Sagittarius. When these two worlds collide, things quickly get out of hand. Due to their strong feelings, the Cancer quickly comes into the temptation to crush the Sagittarius with their love.

Are Cancers abusive?

Cancer doesn't want to bother others, but their lack of regulation makes it difficult for them to keep their strong emotions and issues to themselves. Cancer is not physically abusive though. Instead, they yell or snap at others (who often don't see this coming).

Are cancers freaks in bed?

Cancer is incredibly sensitive and emotionally charged in bed. They love passionately with their whole heart and mind. If they feel safe and emotionally connected, they can get turned on super easily. Showering together, sensual massages, watching or reading sexual material, and playful fighting gets them going.

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