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Are Geminis flirty?

October 21, 2021
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Are Geminis flirty?
Are Geminis flirty?

Why is Gemini flirty?

Their ruling planet, Mercury, makes them strong communicators which calibrates their intense energy to fit the situation they're in and the people they're with. Their combination of qualities makes Geminis expert flirts; Geminis want to make new connections and they're very good at doing so.

Are Geminis touchy feely?

Geminis are very sensual and affectionate beings. They enjoy quality time with their significant other, and friendship and familial ties are very important to them. But they're also moody. Unlike the Cancer, you will not get a head's up of what mood your Gemini bae is in.

What is a Gemini man attracted to in a woman?

If he wants to be with you he will want to be curious with you too. He'll suggest all kinds of new things to do with you such as surfing or rock climbing. Just about anything that you've never done before. The Gemini man thrives on new experiences, meeting new people and new places.

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