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Are Aquarius males controlling?

October 12, 2021
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Are Aquarius males controlling?
Are Aquarius males controlling?

Are Aquarius men jealous and controlling?

Aquarians are aloof and tend to be the least jealous of all the astrology signs. But he's still quite sensitive beneath his aloof demeanor, and he could have other placements in his chart that induce jealousy.

Do Aquarius men get distant?

There's no telling how long he will be distant. The unpredictability of an Aquarius can seem daunting, but don't worry! He may be distancing himself, but you still have you. Spend some time working on yourself and your own goals rather than on your relationship.

What are Aquarius men like?

The basic Aquarius man traits include being a rebellion, unique, charismatic, and spontaneous. They always think out of the box and are known for doing something against societal rules and agendas. Aquarius traits in a man are dominant in every aspect of life, be it personal or professional.

What happens if u ignore a Aquarius man?

Ignoring an Aquarius man will most usually hurt his feelings and they do not like to be ignored by their partner. They prefer a partner who will talk to them directly about any problems between the two of them. If everything isn't great between you, open up the lines of communication with him.

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