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Are Aquarius and Gemini good in bed?

September 3, 2021
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Are Aquarius and Gemini good in bed?
Are Aquarius and Gemini good in bed?

Why is Gemini attracted to Aquarius?

Gemini likes Aquarius because Aquarius as the winter sign helps create a clean slate for Gemini. No, Aquarius isn't a clean freak sign—turn to the Virgo for that. But Aquarius is calm, chill, loving, thoughtful—and this can soften Gemini's busy nature to bring up more flowers, noise, and insanity than necessary.

Do Aquarius and Gemini go together?

Overall, Gemini and Aquarius are considered to be a compatible match. Like all couples, they will have their share of potential problems. But their shared values, need for freedom, and love of new experiences will help bond. They'll help each other grow, and give each other space to do their own thing.

What Aquarius thinks of Gemini?

Aquarius is drawn to the unconventional and accepts Gemini's restless and inconstant nature. And Gemini is charmed by the wholly original ideas that spill forth from Aquarius. Both signs like to go their own way, so neither one takes it personally.

What is a Aquarius love language?

9. Aquarius. Primary Love Languages: Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service. For lack of better words, the Water Bearer is the most unusual zodiac sign. Aquarians function like rebels without a cause, but their stubborness and unwillingness to conform is also what makes them special and far ahead of their time.

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